Market Report for Thursday, June 22, 2017

Receipts: 1881 Compared to two weeks ago, lightweight steer calves under 500 lbs were lightly tested and sold with a sharp lower undertone, 500-800 lbs steers traded mostly 6.00-12.00 lower with yearlings over 850 lbs not tested with two weeks ago.  Feeder heifers weighing 400-700 lbs sold mostly 5.00-10.00 lower, with weights over 700 lbs not tested.  Slaughter Cows sold steady to 2.00 higher.  Demand was moderate to good best on pot load lots of yearlings all selling with good weighing conditions with supply moderate.


Medium and Large 1
Pkg430 lbs189.50
500-550 lbs176.00183.50
550-600 lbs168.50-175.00
Thin Lot552 lbs180.25
600-700 lbs158.25-170.25
Pkg710 lbs156.00
Pot Load785 lbs157.50
840-900 lbs149.50-152.60


Medium and Large 1
Pkg465 lbs157.75
500-600 lbs154.00-160.50
600-700 lbs150.00-158.75
Pot Load762 lbs146.00
Lot800 lbs136.65


Pkg435 lbs162.50
500-600 lbs144.00-156.50
Pkg697 lbs133.00


Percent LeanAvg Dressing High DressingLow Dressing


Yield Grade 1-21200-2450 lbs88.50-98.50
100.00-106.00 HI
79.50-84.00 LOW

Market Report for Thursday,  May 4, 2017

Bred Cows

Medium & Large 1-2
3-6 year old1100-1315 lbs 2nd & 3rd period 1210.00-1450.01425.00-1550.00
Few Thinner Pkgs1200.00-1325.00
7 year old - Short & Solids1150-1220 lbs 2nd period1110.00-1175.00
Medium 1-2
2-4 year old850-975 lbs mostly 2nd period few 3rd period1200.00-1300.00

Cow/Calf Pairs

Medium and Large 1
3-4 year old (Few)1025-1200 lbswith 100-200 lbs calves2050.00-2250.00
Few Pkg 2 year old1025-1100 lbswith baby calves1900.00-1925.00
Medium and Large 1-2
Pkg 5 year old1100 lbswith baby 250 lbs by side1825.00
Short & Solids1250-1400 lbswith 250-275 lbs baby by side1650.00-1760.00
Large 1
4-6 year old1400 lbswith baby 200 lbs by side2000.00
Pkg 7 year old- Short & Solids1675 lbswith baby 425 lbs by side1925.00
Large 1-2
5-6 year old1500 lbswith 275 baby by side1650.00

Source: MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, New Cambria, MO Steve Disselhorst, Market Reporter, 573-751-5618 24 hour recorded report, 573-522-9244